THiS Music Publishing

I’ve been working with THiS Music Publishing in Nashville, TN, since 2010.  Here are some of my favorite projects to do for them.  These are number one plaque designs that get printed, framed and presented to the artists and songwriters when a song makes it to the top of the charts.  I absolutely love working with the THiS Music family, and finding new ways to make outstanding designs that match their incredible songs, writers and staff.

Fisher Brewing Co.

Water belongs to the fish… it’s where they fuck.  So, why would we want to drink it?  Instead, grab the latest tasty brews from Fisher Brewing Co. and wash away the picture in your head right now of those kinky little bastards doin’ it.  Fisher Brewing Co. uses the finest hops and barley imaginable and makes the right beer for every occasion.  Come in to our boat house tasting room down by the coast and explore every selection on tap.  You’ll love it… more than that gross water.

The word that sparked this #KFdOneWord design was “Beer.”

Heartland Waterfowl

This was a fun project in partnership with Team Cocktail.  Designing merchandise for the hunting TV show, Heartland Waterfowl, which aired on the Outdoor Channel through 2016.  This gave me an opportunity to dive into understanding a pre-determined audience demographic and developing clothing that would be fitting.

Team Cocktail

One of the many ways drinking pays off… when you meet a client like Team Cocktail.  They’ve been around since 2009 making “fine drinking apparel.”  Their motto is we’re “a drinking company with a clothing problem,” so naturally they’re a fun group to work with in making merchandise for musical artists, events and even just a night on the town.  Here’s a healthy selection of some of my favorites we’ve worked on.  Check them out at

Drumsticks Bar & Grill

Another addition to the #KFdOneWord project.  The brief was “Drumsticks,” and came from a friend with a company that makes instrumental drumsticks.  I wanted to pay homage to their work, but wanted something a little unexpected, so I made a fictional sports bar, Drumsticks Bar & Grill, which has perfected their chicken leg recipes and will put up competition to any wings joint in town. In addition to having the best chicken legs, they’re a great spot to catch local bands on week nights and the big game on the weekends.  All around great hang… and don’t forget to pick up a shirt!

Downtown Music Publishing

Downtown Music Publishing Nashville is a branch of a New York based company.  With that being said, I have the opportunity with most projects to break away from the traditional “Nashville” designs and be creative.  Here are some posters that I’ve done for them.


I recently began a portfolio project in which I solicited single word design briefs through the Kevin Fisher Design Facebook page and have started creating designs that fit the individual words with various design types, including logos and branding, advertising, typography, product design, etc.  They can all be spotted with the #KFdOneWord hashtag & symbol at the bottom left of the homepage images.  Enjoy!

Umbrella Plumbing Co.

Branding design for Umbrella Plumbing Co.  A fictional service provider for unclogging those pesky pipes and making sure the swimming pool remains a chosen luxury rather than an unwanted addition to your kitchen, bathroom or basement.

Brief: The #KFdOneWord submission was “UMBRELLA.”  After working on some illustrations of umbrellas and various compositions, I noticed the similarity between the umbrella I ultimately settled on and an elbow fitting over water.  That gave me the idea of creating and branding a plumbing company which, much like an umbrella, will keep things that are meant to be dry… dry.